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We do it all for you: Repair, Replace or Maintain- because no matter how big or small your project is, you deserve exceptional service, superior workmanship and quality materials.

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Roof Repair

If your roof is leaking but not quite ready for a full replacement, Brixton & Windsor can take care of it and give you peace of mind. Roofs in the Pacific Northwest can be subjected to outdoors elements, such as rain, wind and falling branches. Leaks can also happen due to bad workmanship, such as improper installation of flashing and penetrations such as skylights and vents. Before fixing the leak, our technicians will inspect the roof to determine exactly where the source of the leak is and can also  provide a roof “Tune Up” if needed to prevent future leaks. We aim to be transparent and honest with our clients, we will not try to upsell you to a full roof replacement if the repairs are enough to extend the life of your roof.

Roof Maintenance

Brixton & Windsor Roofing aims to offer the best care for our customers and their roofs, including routine roof cleaning services. Preventative roof maintenance can extend the life of your roof and can catch potential leaks before they occur. This can include cleaning debris and vegetation such as moss from your roofs, roof drains, scuppers, gutters and downspouts; replacing caulking and sealants; and checking all penetrations and flashings for watertightness. How often it needs to be done will depend how much shade your home gets and how many trees there are around it.

Roof Replacement

The average life of a roof in the Puget Sound is 20-30 years, depending on the quality of the product and if it was well installed and maintained. A metal roof will usually last longer.

How do you know if your roof is ready for replacement? Leaks are definitely the first thing homeowners think of. Other signs your roof may be ready for replacement are:


  • Damaged flashing

  • Shingle edges are curled

  • Your roof just looks old and worn

  • Broken Shingles

  • Missing shingles

  • Excessive granules in your gutters

  • The roof is past warranty


If you know you need a new roof or are not quite sure, contact us for an appointment.

We will inspect your roof and provide a free estimate. Appointments typically last 45-60 minutes and we do not pressure you for a sale. We want to sell you a roof when you are ready and have made an educated decision. We specialize in asphalt/composite, metal and low-slope roofs. See Our 8 Step Process for roof replacement and reach out if you are ready for an estimate or just have questions. We are here to serve you.

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